miércoles, 16 de enero de 2019

Homework, week beginning 14-1-19

Spelling Words with "fer."
reference referee  referring, referred, referral, preference  preferring, preferred,
transference,  transferring, transferred, inference, inferred, conference, conferred
Ten sentences for 21-1-19
English  Transference mistakes. "Proofreading: Spanish or English?" questions 1 - 10, for 22-1-19
Maths Section 3, Test 3, for 23-1-19

jueves, 10 de enero de 2019

Homework, week beginning 7-1-19.

Weds. Spelling“EA” with a short “E” sound. Instead, lead (=plomo), spread, Heaven, thread, tread, health, dreadful, death, breath (=el aliento, un suspiro) , breadth (anchura), breaststroke. 
Believe, except, + 5 from your personal list. Ten sentences for 16-1-19.
Thurs. English. Speech marks. Copy the text in part 2 including the speech marks and all the other punctuation. For 17-1-19. Extra stars for good handwriting!
Fri. Maths. Section 3, test 2, for 18-1-19.

House Colour Day

Tomorrow afternoon (Friday 11th) we are having activities in our house groups. Please come dressed in your house colour.

miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2018

Extra grammar classes

At the reports evening, some parents asked about private classes to help with English. Unfortunately, no Canterbury School  teacher is available at the moment.
However, children whose English grammar is still rather weak could work at home without a teacher. One book I would recommend for this is "Common Mistakes at PET" by Liz Driscoll, published by Cambridge University Press. (PET is a Cambridge exam of English as a Second Language, at a level similar to the level we expect of year 6 pupils) The book has examples, brief, simple explanations, different sorts of exercises and an answer section.
There are many similar self-study books, and I'm sure the staff of Canary Books (Senador Castillo Olivares 51, near the Obelisco) could recommend others.
I can't possibly take on any more work myself. If your child does extra work at home, I will not correct it (just use the answer section) but I would be happy to explain anything they do not understand.
In most cases, the children in Y6B who make lots of mistakes in grammar (and spelling) are able to correct their own mistakes, which shows they are mostly down to carelessness!

Holiday homework

Maths Section 3, test 1, for 2019, the first day.
English Photocopies, p.26, 27, 46, 47, for the first day. Write on the sheets.
Also ... READ, READ, READ!
Also... Enjoy the holiday!!!

miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2018

Homework, week beginning 10-12-18

English Learn the songs in the Song book. Weds: songs 1 and 2. Thurs: songs 3 and 4. Fri: songs 5, 6 and 7. Mr Leatt will check!
Spelling Christmas words. Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, Santa Claus, sleigh, mistletoe, elves, stocking, tinsel, baubles, angel, camel, shepherd, Jesus Christ, turkey, cracker, pudding, Midnight Mass, snowflake, decoration  Learn them, and write ten sentences, for 19-12-18.
Maths  To be decided

martes, 11 de diciembre de 2018

A wonderful website for super stories!

I couldn't remember the website that I wanted to recommend on the first reports evening.
Now I have! The internet address is
It's absolutely free, and it says where the story comes from and when it was first told.
Visit it! Enjoy it!