jueves, 20 de junio de 2019


Could you please make sure all reading scheme books and library books are returned to the school by the end of this week. Thank-you!

Leavers Assembly

The year six end of term show, when your children will say an emotional goodbye to the junior school. is on Thursday, 26th June at 11:30. Please come and enjoy the performance!

miércoles, 5 de junio de 2019

Weds. Spelling. More –tion words. Ten sentences for 12-6-19.
            Maths Photocopy – Exercise 9, for 7-6-19 (Basketball players for 11-6-19). You can write on the photocopy!.

*Some children have to finish science work from class

Thurs   English  Who, Which, Where. Ten sentences for 13-6-19.
Fri    Maths. Exercise 10, for 14-6-19.

lunes, 3 de junio de 2019

School uniform, 7-6-19.

On Friday, 7-6-19, children can come to school dressed in their house colour, as we are having house activities in the afternoon.

jueves, 23 de mayo de 2019

Homework, week 20-5-19

Día de Canarias Learn the "Selva de Doramas" song. Each child has a memory aid sheet. I will test you on it next Tuesday!
Maths 2016 Calculating test. You can write on the photocopies. You will be able to do many of them mentally, but do written calculations when you need to. For Monday 27-5-19. Not as much time as usual, but you have had a rest this week! We will do the two problem solving tests for HW next week.
Spelling  Commonly misspelt words. forty, fourteen, frequently, government, parliament, guard, guarantee, immediately, accurately, aggressively, bruise, cruise, mischievous, occurred, opportunity, prejudiced (against), privileged, profession, queue, believe. Ten sentences for Tuesday 28-5-19

SATS Tests

When and What?
They will take place on Weds 29th May, Mon 3rd June and Tues 4th June.
There are three maths tests: Calculating, and Problem Solving 1 and 2.
There is also a Reading Comprehension test, a combined Grammar/spelling/punctuation test as well as a writing test.
Are they important?
Some parents have the idea that these are a sort of "selectividád" for the senior school.

We already have a very good idea of the ability of the children. The tests almost always simply confirm what we already know.
The main reason we do them is to assess the performance of the SCHOOL, rather than the children. We can compare ourselves to the averages in England, and to our own performances in previous years. The tests show us where we are strong and if there are areas in which we need to improve.

If we thought that your child did not have the ability to prosper in the senior school, we would have told you a long time ago, and not have waited until the end of year 6!

We hope the children do well, but we DON'T want them to feel unnecessary stress. That is for the teachers! 

Día de Canarias

This year, instead of bringing money to pay for their tickets for the stalls and activities, we are asking children to bring food. Please bring it BEFORE Friday (ie, on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) as Friday will be very busy as usual!